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Taxi777: Welcome Back, Ride Report

Forcast this morning was for cooler temp. They were right on. Perfect temp, a little hot on the climbs but made for a good sweat. Bit of a headwind kept it cool.

I didn’t sleep that great with the anticipation of a big crowd. Not too many showed but that was fine for what I was settling back into. The best way to describe the ride was “Pleasant, low key, warm and friendly”. I really enjoyed this one. It was a keeper! I’m glad my friend Robert showed up for his first BF ride. It was so great to see Jim (Ben Ridin) and Glen (B612*981/2z2nn520) Can never remember his handle. Hadn’t seen those guys in a fortnight!

I’m still sore from the big event last week, believe it or not. My new “Joe Namaths” (White NorthWest) shoes were freakin awesome. I felt great the whole ride, but I didn’t feel like going the summit much to Ramon’s disappointment : ( ... I felt like I got what I needed. Some great soul to soul with my buddies and I felt completed and at peace for the day.

Running into Janie...Pretty lady of the the day at the junction was a nice little added treat that all the boys enjoyed after looking at each others mugs all day!

Thanks guys! Jon great ride and thanks for keeping low key and on pace. Jim thanks for letting me vent on the climb, it was healing, along with the tuna sandwich. Ramon, what can I say, always enjoy you being right there. Same with Ron! What would we ever be without you. Glen keeping it light but interesting…and fast!! Robert…Dude, glad our lives intersected.


Pacelining was really tight and fun. Nice descent. Robert had never done it, and turned to me at the top and just said…Woe!
The ride seemed really fast and efficient. Traffic was light up and down Diablo.
Yet again, I pulled the sleazing on to my bike and announcing “ You guys SUCK!! Last one downs a rotten egg!” and they fell for it. Jim caught me right at the bottom, but my legs were shot.
Later guys, Thanks

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