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I drove to Fremont Bart, ready to take Bart up to the start of the ride at Pleasant Hill. Sat in Bart, waiting for it to go, but as I was eating my bagel, I realized, I didn't have my helmet. Doh! And the train is about to move.

Well, I couldn't go without my helmet, so I had to go back and retrieve it, which meant I missed that train, and had to arrive to the ride late. Also, the train had been delayed about 10 minutes at Lafayette, so that made me even later.

Thanks everyone for waiting for me. I felt pretty guilty about making everyone wait.

As Pete said, the temps at the start were not as bad as earlier in the week, which was good. We literally sprinted to the coffee shop, before we headed to Morgan Territory. I think we had a 17 mph average getting to Peet's.

The climb up Morgan Territory was nice. Thanks Jonathan for keeping company on that climb. I think if it were me by myself, I would have gone too hard, and blown myself up. I do think we are at about the same climbing level, which is refreshing to see (someone around the same level as me). Even when we did the Mt. Diablo climb, Jon and I were just about the same pace (except for one period, where I slingshot past Jon, but after I got some distance, the pace was the same going up).

When we got to the junction, between North and South gate, I just wanted to collapse. The heat, when we started up Mt. Diablo, was starting to get intense. Luckily, the temps didn't get unbearably hot (but probably was in the high 80's or low 90's).

I know Ramon wanted to go to the top, but he went down the mountain with the rest of us to Bart. Jon decided to make it up to the top. How was it Jon?

Robert did a great job. He made it all the way on all the climbs. He deserves kudos for doing this on his Peugot, which had a squeaky chain, and no clipless or toe clips. That must have been really difficult. We also saw a guy climb Mt. Diablo on a Mountain Bike, again with no toe clips, and with tennis shoes!

Jim (Benriding), it was great to see you again. I saw you more on this ride than I did when we did Auburn last year (I couldn't say we rode it together ... It was more that we started together).

And welcome back Pete. I wanted to dedicate this ride to you, especially after all you have gone through . Thanks Jon for leading the great ride. It was a great ride, and the turnout was just perfect.

Pictures, but not too many, to come.
I'm in it to finish it.

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