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Come on, it'll be fun
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It's always a joy to do the Morgan Territory - Diablo Loop. And doing it with other BF members makes it a great day. Thanks Pete for coming out and Jonathon for putting it together. And Ron, it was good seeing you again too. I'm glad you came up for this.

Meeting & riding Bostic & GW was great. And then there was Pete's tentmate Robert. On his old school Peugot, complete with a Pie Pan in the rear! He did the Aids ride on this the week before. Amazing. If he ever gets a modern ride, we'll all be in trouble.

Climbing up the canyon on Morgan Territory is so nice. Plenty of shade and not too hot. The Paceline into Danville was lively with everyone pulling. Lunch at Dragers. Big sammich's. I recommend the Tuna. Split it with someone, for it
is big. The water spigot at the junction. Nothing cools you down faster with that on your head. And finally, the Northgate descent. Keep an eye on Pete! With a stealth like grace of a cat, he'll announce "last one down is a ..." and he's gone. Oh crap, game on!

Good ride, good times.

Just a couple of action shots:

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