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Originally Posted by Rob_E View Post
Nice. I'd love to hear what you used for that. I've been trying to do something similar, but I was hoping that if I simply removed the seats and put some padding in the bottom, the dog would be happy to sit in there and see the sights. I think he's somewhat happy, but he is not down with just seeing the sights. He frequently wants to get out, and since we're in motion, and since he's tethered to the trailer, the results are not good. I've been trying to figure out what I can do to close up the trailer so that hopping out is not an option. You look like you've found the solution. Did you simply set a crate in the trailer bed? I've been toying with the idea, but our dog's crate is pretty heavy.
I just added one more cross bar and added a standard dog crate. It's a steel crate, it's not very light but I did take off a few pounds of fabric and some other parts. I took off the fabric floor. The problem with the standard kid set up is that there is no ventilation on the side windows and the fabric stretches close to the wheels if he leans hard.
My dog rides in the trike with the open basket and held in with a harness (only in the trike) fastened under his belly. It's more comfortable and less restricting for the dog than using the collar. It keeps him centered better too. It also has a swivel so he won't get wound up. When he sees a human or dog friend he might jump out if he was not fastened in. They all need to be tethered somehow. A cat or a squirell might make any dog go after it. I can link you to photos of the harness set up. There are some on the forums.

As they ride more they get used to it. I also let him out often, I don't try to get anywhere fast with the dog. He's been riding in the trike for two years, now he likes it.

Originally Posted by neilfein
Which one is the child trailer and which is the dog trailer?

You don't lock your kids in a cage too?

Do you have a picture of it folded up? I'm curious to see that

The crate comes off and folds flat like most dog crates. Then the trailer folds up like it did before ,only a little better, with some things taken off.

Next time I fold it I'll post a photo.
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