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Originally Posted by GiroToGo View Post
I'm new here. Is everyone a recumbent rider? What's the pace and what does it mean "no drops with regroups"? I hope to be there to meet everyone.
Not everyone is a recumbent rider. I'm not, t4mv isn't (although he might be on a tandem-haven't heard yet), and I think huytheskigod isn't on a 'bent.

Pace from the previous ride I did with t4mv was about 15 mph, on a slightly harder course. I'm guessing we'll be around that this time, with maybe some faster folks and maybe some slightly slower folks possibly breaking up a little.

"No drops" means that no one will be left behind by himself. If someone is going slower, at least one other person will slow down to ride with that person.

"Regroups" means that as people break up into little groups based on speed differences, at certain times on the ride the faster folks will stop and wait for the slower folks, "regrouping."

Post any questions you have and we'll try to answer. Looking forward to meeting you.

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