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Originally Posted by LordOpie
first and foremost, how much riding do you want to do? If you're talking about 10 miles or less commuting, I'd really recommend a no-suspension older mtb. One that rides well, but is visibly beat to heck -- reducing theft chances.

As for the bike you asked about, you're probably not getting any replies cuz it's really difficult to comment. But here's some things to focus on...

-- frame and fork. Is it in good shape? No dents or repairs?
-- wheels. Will the seller answer honestly about how many spokes have been replaced? Spokes are like dog years each spoke is 25 yrs on the bike. Okay, I just totally made it up, but a general rule is three spokes blown and the wheel is nearing the end of it's useful life.
-- components. It's difficult to know how much stress they've been under. You can measure the chain from pin-to-pin over a 12 inch distance. If the pin around 12" is actually at 12 1/8", then you should have some concern. If it's 12 1/4", then there's a chance that the teeth on the cassette and cranks are getting stretched. More than 12.25" and you might have to replace the entire drivetrain.

I'm thinking $300 is too much.

I also think 56cm is too big. Standover height is the first criteria on a traditional frame. It's obviously too big or too small, but that's just the first thing to check. IMO, top-tube length or how much you stretch from saddle to handlebars is more important. Did you feel too stretched out on the 56? I'm 5'10" and a 56cm is too big for me, but maybe we have different body dimensions. I mean, my neck is like a foot long!

Good luck, have fun!
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