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Originally Posted by Crowbar
Many years ago I used to ride a conventional touring bike. However, I "blew out" my back 2 - 3 times riding and gave it up. Last year I got an entry level mountain bike (Raliegh SC30) and love it from the perspective that I'm now riding upright and putting less stress on my back. But, I only ride on streets and the thing performs like a tank (I'm tired of watching people on touring bikes cruise by me like I'm standing still).

Thanks in advance.
Mate, before you dump a bunch of money into another bike
consider a simple change of tires first. Install a set of
street slicks on your bike and pump them hard to lessen
the rolling resitance that is slowing you down. Low rolling resitance
is the edge that road bikes have on other bikes. VERY low
rolling resitance.
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