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Intervals and what else? TSS

A question for those that do intervals- what do you do in addition to intervals on your interval days?
I currently do 2 x 20min, 1 x 60min (at 95% of FTP), 6 x 4min, as well as a long ride (nearly 5 hour 250 TSS 3200kj ride). I am planning on adding 5-7 x 1min WRI intervals.
This week I obtained a healthy (20 watt) boost in my 2 x 20min intervals, so I accordingly upped my FTP in the WKO+ Performance Manager. As a result, it is tougher to build up the TSS points- after today's tough 6 x 4min intervals, all my stress/training scores actually dropped. I feel like if I keep doing what I am doing, I will not keep raising my CTL/ATL and dropping my TSB, meaning I will not be overloading myself (to the same extent) anymore.
Do you guys add tempo rides or SST rides to your interval days to build up your TSS? With positive results? Or add more intervals (like 3 x 15 instead of 2 x 20 or add a 1 x 10 to the 2 x 20)? Or both?

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