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Are bells or horns useful for commuting?

Again, need advice. I'm about 2 weeks from starting commuting and trying to figure out problems ahead of time.

I keep on forgetting about bells, or horns. So few seem to have them or use them. This is what I have gathered so far. What I don't know is does this make sense or not?

1. too low volume
2. only useful at very low speed on bike paths, streets for humans. I've already found it is safer to stay off those multiuse bike paths. Way way too many obstacles.

1. extremely limited selection
2. air horns are only viable alternative
3. air horns with more than 105 db are more aggressive than a nice reminder, hey, I'm here too.
4. only found one by Delta, the Air Zound 2. It has a poor reputation for mounting and long term reliability.

If went with AirZound, then have to figure out how to mount it. One cage will be for water and one cage for headlight battery. Ugh. Guess wedge is best bet.

But still is it worth it to spend $30 on a horn that would be seldom, or never useful?

I know regular bikers say No, waste of my money. But what about commuters? Do you all have a different perspective?

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