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I read that article...

"What does he think we are -- Swedes? We're Americans. This is a prosperous country. We will not live like Swedes. We want 18-ton Ford Exploro-cruisers, cell phones, CDs, hot showers, blow dryers, DVD players and jet skis.

Fuel is the metric of prosperity, and conservationism is an acknowledgement that we are in decline of prosperity -- that this is the beginning of the long bleak twilight of civilization. If you posit that we have fixed energy sources and we have to ration them, then we are dying as a species. "

I used to consider myself republican. I felt less government was better, lower taxes was better, and punishing criminals was better...but look at the ridiculous claims they're making now? They've been slowly getting more delusional as time goes by. Now there's two moronic political parties controlling our country!
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