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Originally Posted by antokelly View Post
hi folks i was just wondering do you fine tune your tent when you have it pitched you know what i mean,nice tension on lines ,no creases in tent ,everything perfectly square ,ground sheet in place the works. or is it a matter of getting it up as fast as you can thinking it should survive the worst.

I usually set my tent up with some care, re-staking points that may seem off a bit as the set-up continues (keeping corners taut but not stretched or overly tensioned), and using the ground sheet always. After I erect the tent, I consider the weather, primarily the wind and likelihood of rain, and other factors and then either stake out the side pull-outs or not, replace some regular size stakes with a few extra long ones that I carry for keeping main stake-out points extra sturdy or not and either start the evening with the fly completely covering the tent or not - if star-gazing looks like a good possibility.

Good luck. It is an art not a science.

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