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I run as well. One of the reasons I got into road biking is to do duathlons (haven't done any yet). I am starting to feel like training for running is keeping me from training for cycling (and mountain biking) though I have my first trail half-marathon in September.

So far, I find that cycling tends to be more of anaerobic workout and good for working leg muscles and helping with knee pain. I do tend to feel a difficult running effort than a difficult biking effort the next day, but I can get wiped out from both. Cycling does offer a nice bit of cross training though if you still want a training day after a long run (for me anyway). I'm still adapting to running and cycling as part of the same workout by commuting home from work and then running.

You can also look at this thread in the MTB forum from awhile back (although it descends into whether people should run at all):
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