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Thats true, we thought about renting a bike around Aran, but we took a tour bus, a welcome change You really don't want to trust the weather here, always expect the worse, which is why the only trousers i brought were waterproofs! Galway is a beautiful place, and most definately my favourite area that we visited. We were going to do the dingle penninsula, but ran short of time due to my food poisining.

Also people would often laugh at us when they heard what route we took, as going north to south is a mug's game, to many headwinds, which TOTALLY drained me. Found myself being rather depressed on the bike a few times because of it, didn't seem to affect my brother that much which is weird. If i were to do it again, i'd fly to Cork and take off from there, with the wind behind you it would be so much easier.
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