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Originally Posted by mconlonx View Post
You are insane to be riding The Gap. Too many yahoos out there on motorcycles doing too many dangerous moves on that particular road, with no regard for the law. Not to mention tractor trailers that take up both lanes through blind turns when they make the mistake of attempting that stretch of road. Scary stuff. Has Law Enforcement been cracking down on motorcyclists out there lately? Because the few times I've been through there, LEO presence was non-existent. There's pictures in the store on the southern side showing cop cars down ravines from trying to catch moto scofflaws...

That said, I bet it's a total blast going through all those corners on a bicycle.

We used to ride up there years ago, and it was a blast. The speed limit was 55 mph, so getting a speeding ticket was pretty difficult, even on a motorcycle. But I quit going years ago. It wasn't any fun dodging the idiot bikers and redneck sheriffs. They were everywhere.

There are other stretches of road up near there that are just as good and not nearly as famous.

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