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True, i couldn't believe how friendly some people could be.

This one guy who owned a youth hostel (funny man) greeted us, and showed us our rooms etc. 15minutes later we get a knock on the door, its the guy wondering if we want a lift into town, we tell him that we are tired after the long day and we REALLY need food quickly, but thank him for his kind offer. So we eat and have a seat for a while, about 30-45 minutes pass, and he knocks again, tells us that he now heading into town, and so we accept (full bellies, rested legs, and an image of a glass of ice cold beer in our heads ). He drives us into town in this car he had (a Fiat Uno, which he bought for 30euro ) and shows all of the best nightspots in town for some authentic irish music.

We visited this amazing pub called the Scotsman, cosy little pub, with some really great musicians there. We had arranged to meet the guy later that night for a lift home so we take ourselves to the pub he is sitting in, waiting for his wife to return. That day was my 18th birthday, and once he found that out he bought me a beer, and gave me a card ( a business card) and wished me a happy birthday etc. Really a jolly little stereotypical irish man, really quite funny and friendly. Probably the nicest guy we met whilst on tour, and in the main sitting room, the walls were absolutely COVERED in thank you letters, photos and emails etc from people who had stayed there at that point, dating way back into the 80's! Really a place which i will never forget!

i think i'd be a stronger cyclist if i lived there. competing with the wind must be really tough! add wind-swept rain to the mix and that's a hard pill to swallow.
Hmm thats true, there were a few really horrific cycles that stick in my mind, which really made us glad to get a fresh set of dry clothes on. Nearly threw up a couple of times, but my fitness freak brother kept me in line .
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