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Have a dilema, need your opinions right away if possible please.

This weekend my in-laws, (wifes parents), are visiting. They are great people, I get along great with them, love them both. So its not likeI want to get out of the house to avoid them, love spending time with them. They came in from Des Moines on Friday, 200 miles away, and are returning home tomorrow.

Today is a good day to go ride, a little windy, but otherwise a beautiful day. My weekly riding schedule is Sunday through Friday, with Saturday off for yard work etc. Sunday is the day I ride longer routes, either with the bike club or on my own. During the week my rides are only 25 to 30 miles long.

Heres the dilema: Do I be a respectful host and continue to spend time with them and entertain them as I have all weekend, or do I go ride one of my long routes and leave them with my wife? What would you do?

Riding a shorter route is not what I really want to do, so please keep that in mind. I suppose what I could do is ride an extra miles for the rest of the week to help make up for the milaege I would lose today. I'm training for a tough charity ride and I need the miles. Would like to have 1,000 miles before the ride at the end of June. Have about 400 now.

I need some opinions right away, so I can make a good decision on what I should do.