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I've got her right where I want her!!!

So, I'm building a Specialized SL2 and all I'm waiting for is my wheelset to arrive when my wife finds the receipt for the frame.

Her: Your old bike cost how much?

Me: About $3500.

Her: And this think you bought is just the thing to hold the wheels (her words)?

Me: Yeah, it's called a frame and everything bolts to it to make a complete bike.

Her: It's not a bicycle?

Me: No, it's just the frame that hold all the parts.

Her: So, this part of a bike cost nearly as much as your whole bike? And you can't ride it yet?

Me: Yeah, that's about right.

Her: (Sighs, shakes her head, walks away wondering why she married me)

I don't think I'm going to tell her how much I paid for the crankset and wheels.
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