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That is a great time for starting out. You averaged about 17.5 mph, which is slower than your 15:01, but a good start. I'd say it relates to about a 20 minute 5K (This is a total guess). I am a similar story to you, I was a 15:30 5K runner and 32:00 10K runner in college, I quite for about 7 years, gained 20 pounds, and then got into cycling. The equivalent to your 15:01 might be to do the tt in just over one hour.

The main difference is that you need to worry much more about food intake. During a marathon, you're going to be running for 2 and a half hours, and you probably only drink water and gatorade. During a 100 mile bike ride it's more like 5-7 hours, and you burn 3000 to 6000 calories. My first century I did, I thought it was like a marathon, and I didn't bother to do anything but drink water. Man was that a mistake.

Just like your running, you need to build a base, then work in sustained efforts mixed in with recovery time (like fartleks). The only thing is that base building takes more time than running. Say you were running 70-80 miles per week, the biking equivalent is much higher, because it takes more time to warm up and more time is needed to get it so your heart rate stays up.

It's a fun sport, so get out and ride!
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