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Originally Posted by Grasschopper View Post
For me it is a goal...I do at least one a year which is the Livestrong ride (though those dill nuts shortened it to 90 miles last year...hey Lance get on the horn and lengthen that course 10 miles or so). To me it is cool to be able to say I can ride 100 miles and I know I can do it so no big deal I guess. IMO these people doing 200 and 300 miles in a shot are nut cases. LOL No offense, you people are hard core and all, but don't you have other stuff? I mean with a job and a wife and a kid there is no chance I could train enough to ride those sorts of miles let alone go do it.
I remember reading that Lance had a job, wife, and a kid as well ... He managed to ride quite a lot also.

*more down to earth example*

99% of all riders have full time jobs, kids, wife, and still find time to ride an accomplish their goals be it racing , double centuries, or just riding that weekly 50 mile group ride every Saturday.
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