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Photographers.. a dilemma.

So my wife and I are starting a 2 1/2 week tour in 2 weeks- Northern MT (Glacier), into Alberta, up to Jasper via Banff. It will be our first tour, and will be quite mountainous.

One of my passions is photography. Thus, I have a DSLR, with some nice glass. We will be in some of the most beautiful areas in North America, so I will be wanting to do quite a bit of photography. That being said, everything I bring, needs to be hauled through the Rockies on my bike.

We have 2 cameras:
1) A Canon SD630. Its a tiny 6mp thing that takes pretty good pictures, though not great.
2) A Canon 300D (DSLR), with a 17-40mm L lens, and a 70-200mm (non-L).

My wife is already planning on bringing her SD 630. Then the question is:
Do I bring the 300D? Do I bring it with just the 17-40 L? Or do I lug the 70-200mm as well? The 300D + 17-40 is maybe 1.5-2lbs. The 70-200 adds at least another 2lbs. My gut instinct says bring the 300D + 17-40, but leave the 70-200 at home. That being said, there is all kinds of wild life, etc.. that would be great to have a nice zoom for.

I ask here, as the touring group will definitely say "leave the DSLR at home stupid!" Am I nuts for considering lugging this stuff over our ride?
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