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American dream moves north

I ran into a link on Digg that surprised me. It is a statistical comparison between
the US and Canada. Canada seems to come out ahead in almost every way including
average income, but what surprised me was by how much. Of course it is just
theoretical to me. I just barely broke 20k in income for the first time last year and
would be at the bottom end of the feeding trough in either country, but I have to
admit it certainly is nice up here as far as everything else goes.

I'm certainly not trying to be antagonistic and hope no one is patriotically offended.
Our 2 countries really do have similar attitudes. Unfortunately one of those has been
enthusiasm about borrowing money to get through good times for the last 20 or 30 years.
The big advantage up here is probably just that there are a lot more natural resources
per person, since it is a bigger country and maybe a bit less comfortable as far as the
weather goes, which keeps the population down.

And also, are there people here that use Digg? I just matched my address book with
Digg members and not a single person matched. I have been visiting them maybe once
a week for a couple of years and became a member not long ago. I do have a little project
coming up in a week or 2 that involves the site and if anyone would like to post or pm their
user name, I would like to add you as a friend and give a shout when the project goes live.
They don't allow a space in a user name there, so I am ClosedOffice. Go ahead and add me
if you feel like it.

It is quite a good site for a variety of news, and once you sign up you can customize your
news, so I eliminated video from mine which made it a lot better for me. And then you can
pick your topics, like tennis, news, comedy, etc.

It is at
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