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Originally Posted by sirpoopalot View Post
last year i worked a seasonal job for a conservation org for the majority of the year. i lived in the mountains from the spring (when there was still snow, until the late fall, when the snow started piling up).

living out of a tent in the mountains: no rent, employer paid for food (75/month allowance), no utility bills. all checks were direct deposited, no need for ca$h in the mountains.

i did get a few days off, the 2 or 3 days per month i got i slept in a shed at my employer's base camp.
the money i did spend was usually for a pizza and some booze on my days off.

i also was able to eat for less than my stipend, so i banked a couple of extra dollars per month.

rest of the year i squatted or bartered for room/board and/or got free food from my (other) employer. or i didn't work and just bartered for food/room.

live the dream
that'll do it! sounds like fun...not something i would want to do permanently though.
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