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Just got home from my short 1.5 mile commute from work. On the way, down Kastle Road from Cooper Drive, some fellow yelled this from his driveway or front porch (didn't see him): "Slow down! This is a neighborhood!" Aboard my Bianchi Volpe with heavy 32c wheels, I was probably going 15-18 mph or so at best. In a 25 or 35 mph zone. Wearing a helmet. Niterider Flamethrower on its brightest setting illuminating the road very well. Red strobing tail light on. A messenger bag with a fairly hefty laptop in it. Not breaking any records here, folks.

I'm trying to let this go, but I can't. WTF? I wanted to stop and ask this guy what the problem was, but I didn't. Perhaps he thought I was a UK student as the campus is right there (folks who live near UK's campus generally don't get along with students). I just don't get why this guy would sound off at me when I was completely lit up and well under the speed limit.
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