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Have you test ridden the Ute or Big Dummy? I was facing a similar choice and was able to test ride both. Like BAH suggested, if you have the $$, the BD is the way to go IMO. It's just a really well built bike that will take all kinds of abuse and keep on going. The Ute is a good concenpt $799+, it's not much cheaper than putting together an X-conversion. Plus I felt Kona's use of 700c wheels was a deal-breaker for me. I just did not feel comfortable with the 700c compared to 26inch wheels, and the overall build of the Ute was just not as nice as the Big Dummy. Plus if your goal is to haul a lot of gear, you'll have to buy extra panniers for the Ute...and it still won't hold as much as the Freeloaders on either the Big Dummy or an X-conversion.

I ended up buying a bike that was comfortable for me (got a great deal due to it being a closeout) and I am the backorder list for the next Xtracycle kit shipment. One advantage I saw to option #4 was the fact that I can always swap bikes later or change components easily if needed.
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