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I was googling the American Lock 700 series and came across an "interesting" website:! On their forums they're apparently discussing the other side of the game.

The second tool is called the "AM700 Opening Tool". It looks exactly the same except that instead of a flattened end, it has a slightly curved/bent end, like the head of a hook pick (only round, not flat). A strong enough paper clip would probably do the same thing if you bent two millimeters of it at the end at a 45 degree angle. According to the catalog, it opens American Key Operated Padlock Series 700, 1105, 5100 and also all American Non-Key Retaining Padlocks (but does not work on new style locks with shields installed). By the by, all these numbers can usually be found stamped into the body of the padlock somewhere. This tool is the same for operation. . .just insert into the back of the keyway, twist, and the lock comes open.
Nice, huh?

So, Mul-T-Lock, eh? Their e-series looks good...
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