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But whatabout da nuts?
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Hey thanks for the info. For a second there I thought you were pulling my leg.

You are correct-o-mundo about Miami sucking for riding. I lived in Miami, er, Miami Lakes, about 11 years ago and driving, let alone riding in Miami, is a crap shoot.

Thanks again.

Originally Posted by miamijim
Ok, here it is. Miyata originaly started out as a gun company. A gentleman approached Mr. Miyata about building him a bike. Over the years they have produced bicycles, cars, motorcycles, and what they are most known for, fire supression equiptment.

Greg Herbold, Downhill Mtn. bike world Champion won on a Miyata. They have fielded teams in the Tour de France and simply make the best, highest quality, most durable Japanese bikes out there. Frames are painted with 7-layers of primer and clear coat.

They pulled out of the American market when the Yen took a turn in the late eighties early nineties.

search for Koga-Miyata on the 'net.....

Oh yea, I have a picture of myself with Mr. Miyata when he visited the dealership I worked at.
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