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Yep, a lot of people are buying bikes due to high oil prices. When you've got an SUV that costs $100 to fill up, a $250 bike for running errands doesn't seem very expensive.

Originally Posted by rizz View Post
They're doing it wrong. Hire on additional help (even if temporary) and sell more labor. If they are afraid they can't fix the bikes, then it's an upsell opportunity.... Sounds to me like that shop has no desire to grow in the modern marketplace.
One of the things you learn as a small business owner is, not every customer is worth having.

In many cases, the customer who is too cheap to invest in a half-way decent bike is going to demand top-notch service for bargain-basement prices - and be a huge PITA along the way.

Plus, finding a good and reliable mechanic - at a time when business is booming - is not easy.
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