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I've been in my neighborhood bike shops when someone arrives with their K-Mart bike...often driving up in a Mercedes or BMW. They say "The brakes don't work". The tech says "It would cost $100 replace these cr@po brake calipers and levers with decent calipers and levers". The customer howls "but I only paid $59 for this entire bike".

And, sometimes, the customer agrees to pay for the repair, but never picks the bike up. Doesn't want to pay the $100 repair bill on his $59 bike. So, the shop has wasted time and energy, and the "junk" bike is taking up valuable storage space.

I was at a Trek dealer when a lady drove up in a BMW. She had a brand new girl's bike from Wal-Mart. She handed it to the tech and said "this bike doesn't seem to be put together right". She had her little eight year old daughter beaming with hopeful anticipation next to her.

The tech took a $4,000 bike off his workstand, and put the little girl's bike up there. He put it together as best he could, given it was a piece of junk. Ten minutes later he hands it to the little girl. No charge.

Which may explain why the tech is NOT driving a BMW.
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