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Going to South Korea - what should I bring?

Hi all, I'm going to be going to teach English in South Korea starting at the beginning of next year, and I've looked around on the internet but don't have a good idea of what type of biking gear I would need to bring.

I live in DC now, and I use my slow 700c wheel Trek hybrid mainly for recreational rides and also for transportation. I currently have a nice Blackburn rack on my bike, and I use Nashbar Townie baskets all the time for pretty much everything. I also own a used low-rider front rack and some used low-rider front panniers from Nashbar that I've never used.

The question is, what types of panniers and racks do I need to bring to South Korea? I want to be able to go shopping or out on bike paths and be able to toss whatever I pick up onto the back of my bike, but are these the types of things I need to bring with me, or are bikes and panniers so prevalent there that I won't need them?

Suitcase space is precious, but so is the ability to transport stuff by bike, and I'll be sorely disappointed if I get over there and no one uses racks and panniers, or if they do, they're hard to come by and expensive.

Also, I have a large selection of tires, both 26 inch and a few fat 700c's that I like a lot. What kind of bikes are over there? I tend to like fat slicks for city riding. Do I need to bring my own? Should I bring folding 26 inch mountain bike tires? I really don't know what the selection of things like this will be.


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