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Newbie Ratio Help Question Pls

I am ordering a cog for a new setup and figured I would get a 17t cog for the new 48 chainring. Now I currently ride a 40/15 which works out to 70.1 gear inches/3 patches and it works fine . I used to ride 40/14 which was 75.1 inches and I am much happier now.

48/17 is 74.2 gear inches but has 17 skid patches. 48/18 is 70.1 but only has three patches. I am wondering if I would be smarter to go with an 18t cog despite the lower number of skid patches or just suck it up with the few extra inches? Anyone made the small switch from 48/17 to 48/18 or viceversa? Should I even worry?

What say you?
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