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Has Anyone Successfully Dyed a Brooks Saddle?

I'm smitten with the Brooks Lady's B18.. but not its brown color (whatever were they thinking?), which seems to be a drab-down on my emerald green Raleigh mixte or even my pearlized white Peugeot Mixte). So, the brown has to go.

I know I've read warnings about ending up with a colored tush from saddle dyes... BUT -- I've read where straight from the factory Brooks in brown have done this too -- so is a brown tush any better than any other color tush? I've also read that it's possible to properly prep the leather (perhaps easier with a new, un-oiled saddle), dye it, then seal it -- has anyone accomplished this to their tush's satisfaction?

Black shorts aren't an option -- I actually ride in dresses and skirts most of the time (yeah, yeah, I'm not setting any speed trial times -- but was I going to on these bikes anyway?).

Because of the tooled top of the saddle, I'm thinking of 1 of two approaches -- aiming for a Brooks style black or green.. OR, doing a burnished type effect like this (from a hand-tooled leather purse I purchased in Argentina):

Any words of encouragement? Any dire warnings from personal experience (not just rumor?)

Any pointers -- I hope?

p.s.: this is the Brooks B18:

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