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Originally Posted by Turbonium
i think you just answered you question but what i do also to lessen the mess on the floor is wipe down the clean water on the frame, handle bars and other components which don't have traces of dirty water. i don't wipe down the dirty water because they have particles that will scratch the bike, so i wait until its dried then i can easily take the dirt off.
scratching the bike isn't of concern to me. My commuter is my beater bike, I don't care about the paint and I don't think I could scratch it bad enough to invite it to rust.

maybe I should just dunk the sucker in the pool when I get home, then wipe it down. I'm sure the apt management would be ok with that.

I guess I need to wash the bike really good, all this dirt and black gunk couldn't be just from 4 miles of roadway. Would fenders help? Anyone have any idea how to mount fenders on a suspension fork with no eyelets for fenders?
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