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Okay; regardless of what it was originally "developed" for, Corn Flakes taste damn good!

So I started day 1 of "clean up your act, man" diet, and this is what I came up with:

Breakfast: three egg-white omelet with two slices of american cheese, four slices of white toast, no butter, and orange juice, distilled with 50% water.

Lunch: About a cup of rice and string beans, with a side of tuna mixed with french dressing

Snack: Coffee with whole milk (I have tried skim, and it tastes pretty bad...and no 2% or 1% options), and then a banana about an hour later.

Dinner: I'm going to try drinking a HAAGEN DAZS COOKIES AND CREAM ICE CREAM SUPER MILKSHAKE for dinner.

I'm just kidding! (Did I kill the purists yet?)

I might make my fruit protein-fortified smoothie for the earlier part of dinner, and then eat something very light for the later part, like corn or turkey. I always get hungry at night because of the times I've been coming home lately.

I am also using FitDay, as suggested by machka (Thank you!). It seems that (not including dinner), today's consumption is at 1476 calories, comprised of 23% fat (9% sat, 7% poly, 5% mono), 58% carbohydrates (0% fiber -- NOT GOOD), and 19% protein. I'm not sure if this is good, bad or very bad.

I should note that I hammer to and from work, which (according to FitDay, though this might be inaccurate) burned about 1120 calories one-way. I'm probably going to burn about the same (if not more) on my way back, but I think I might still be at a surplus of a few hundred calories (maybe 200 or so), if measured directly.

Any thoughts?
Ride more.

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