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I use the take-a-look until last year. Then I hit a patch of sand on the road, my front wheel went out, and the pavement pushed the mirror into my face. 14 stitches.

I now use the CycleAware Reflex, which is round and has a plastic guard around the mirror so shouldn't cut like that.

I prefer helmet mount. I also have thin titanium frames, and the take-a-look barely hung on to them. Also with glasses mount, I took it off when I got there, and frequently forgot to put it back on again. No such problem with helmet mount.

I find the CycleAware mount much more stable and reliable than the helmet adaptor for the take-a-look. In the winter temperatures, the helmet adaptor got so hard and slippery that the mirror fell off every mile or so. In an accident, I like the rubber-covered flexible wire with a plastic-surrounded, ball-jointed, easy to pop off mirror to Take-A-Look's bare, somewhat sharp mirror and extremely stiff, unbending wire and brass tube an inch from my eye and face.
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