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Originally Posted by Tio View Post
I was impressed with Sastre and I don't want to depreciate his stunning Tour, but I cannot help but think that Contador (or to a lesser degree Levi) would have altered the outcome significantly. Given his performance (supposedly without much preparation) at the Giro d"Italia this year, its really difficult to conjecture that he wouldn't have been a monster with the season to prepare for the Tour.
I agree, but one thing that shouldn't be underestimated is just how great a tour Sastre had. According to VeloNews, it was the fifth fastest average in tour history, although this has to be mitigated by the individual tour routes and their difficulty, weather conditions, technological advances, etcetera... Still, Contador may have had his hands full too on this one.

Overall Tour speed
This year’s Tour was the fifth fastest in history, with an average speed of 40.5 kph.

The top 11 fastest Tours
41.654 kph: Lance Armstrong (2005)
40.940 kph: Lance Armstrong (2003)
40.784 kph: Oscar Pereiro (2006)
40.553 kph: Lance Armstrong (2004)
40.492 kph: Carlos Sastre (2008)
40.276 kph: Lance Armstrong (1999)
40.070 kph: Lance Armstrong (2001)
39.983 kph: Marco Pantani (1998)
39.920 kph: Lance Armstrong (2002)
39.572 kph: Lance Armstrong (2000)
39.504 kph: Miguel Indurain (1992)
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