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Originally Posted by MrCrassic View Post

So I weighed myself on a more accurate scale, and it seems that I didn't know my weight as accurately as I thought I did. It turns out that I'm actually 155 lb instead of 160 lb. This means that either I gained no weight during vacation, or whatever weight I gained I lost pretty fast. My BFP is at a solid 10%.


Since it's the weekend, it was guaranteed that I would mess up a bit. Went to a party on Saturday, and I ate two slices of battered chicken breast, along with some sausage and onions. Everything else before that was pretty solid: egg white omelet with one slice of cheese and turkey for breakfast, and Strawberry Wild Jamba Juice for lunch (with one of those Omega-3 oatmeal cookie things along with it).

Today, I had three slices of Grimaldi's pizza (finest pizza in the city, guaranteed). Again, everything else before that was solid.

I'm tracking everything through FitDay, and it seems that so far I have been eating a little bit over my Basal Metabolic Rate (at 1800 cal). According to the software, it recommends that I eat about 2700 calories a day (I picked the "Seated work, some movement" lifestyle, since that pretty much describes my job).

I think I'm set to maintain my weight :-)
Sounds like a good plan. Don't forget to log sleep as an activity, as it'll subtract some from your daily caloric requirements.
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