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Holy smokes!

Did someone sneak out last night and shrink the hills in my town?

Or did I get a BETTER BIKE!

I only rode it ten minutes today (to learn the gears--never had rapid fire before) and to play with the computer.

I took the first hill that is right outside my neighborhood, and DANG! It boogies right up that hill. Unreal! I can't believe how much more efficient it is. Has to be the tires mostly. My old bike (the 7100) had larger wheels with quite a bit of tread and a low psi, so it really bogged. Of course, I didn't realize how much it bogged until I rode the hill this evening on my new Soho.

I used far less energy getting up that hill. When I got to the top I wasn't wiped. Usually when I get to the top of it I am so winded and in pain (legs) that I have to stay in the lowest gear and just go slow over the flats for a few minutes, losing precious time.

Tonight when I reached the top of the hill I was ready to stand up and crank. I'm thrilled.

Tomorrow I'll ride to work and back and time it.

This is so much fun. Just like being a kid again. And it didn't even really cost me anything. I had my old Trek 7100 that I sold for 250 bucks to a really nice guy in North Atlanta (he got a good deal), and I have a collection of surfboards that never leave the guestroom (since I moved away from California almost four years ago). So I sold a couple surfboards (he got a great deal too) for five hundred bucks.

So after selling stuff around the house I had 750 dollars. The bike was 699 out the door, and the computer and new air pump cost a combined 70 dollars, so I basically got the whole thing for 20 bucks on the credit card.

Man, I'm jazzed. Can you tell?
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