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The bike is dark, yes, but it's VERY reflective. When it's hit with bright light it practically glows. It's meant for commuting. It will be hardest to see in the daytime for sure, but not at night. Light radiates off it.

Also, it is MUCH easier to pump than my Trek 7100 was. It's a lot more nimble and controllable. Looser I guess you'd say, in a sense. It's just a much more efficient riding position than the 7000 series.

Don't get me wrong. The 7000 series is excellent, and it has its purpose, but major hill climbing isn't one of them. If I had to ride ten miles through grass, light dirt roads, rough pavement, etc., the 7000 series would kick the Soho's butt, easily, and would get you there in comfort. I can't deny the pure comfort of the 7000 series.

But for getting to work and back and for flattening hills, this Soho is going to be much better.

But, granted, someone on a good road bike would still blow it away.

I'd call it a 2/3 hybrid. 2/3 road bike and 1/3 comfort/cruiser/mountain--whatever.

The 7000 series is half and half which makes it slower than the Soho, but much more comfortable. The 7000 series is designed for folks who plan to put a lot of weight back. That's why it's so comfortable (seatpost suspension and front fork suspension), but it makes hill climbing a real chore when your body can't position properly for climbing.
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