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Question Trying to run bike errands with two small kids

Hello. My name is Blythe and I am a new member to these forums. I found this group while trying to do some research about what bike configuration will allow me to use my car less and my bike more while being a stay-at-home mom of two little kids. I have a 3 year old and a baby, and I know I can't bike safely with my baby until he is a year old, but my 3 year old already loves to go for recreational rides in her iBert safety seat. She dislikes the car, but loves bike rides. I live in the country in central NC, on those 45 mph roads where people really drive 50mph and there is no bike lane. But biking is very popular around here, and so drivers are used to accomodating us on the roads. I live between 3 and 5.5 miles from a few grocery and hardware stores and a little over 10 miles from my daughter's preschool, which I would ideally like to be able to bike to. With the price of gas, I think it would be worth investing in a set-up to allow me to buy groceries and small hardware and get my daughter to preschool and back safely and comfortably and easily for me and my kids, so that I actually do it instead of hopping into the car. I would probably have to buy a new bike for this, because my current set-up (a bikeE) is not so kid-hauling friendly.

I have never used a trailer. I am a little bit nervous about them, because of having my kids so far away from me and having it be wider than the bike and stick out into the road. But our shoulders around here, though not paved, do not slope steeply away from the road in most plcaes, so I could ride with the trailer half on and half off of the road if that made us safer. So I am curious to learn more about trailers, because aside from my discomfort with them they seem very practical. I am also wondering if anyone has moved from a highly interactive front-montes seat to a trailer, and how their kids adjusted to that move. (My daughter is very social and talks to my partner during their bike rides.)

I also found a really cool-looking bike called a Kidztandem. Here is the website:


This seems like a great option, but is quite expensive. Does anyone have any experience with this bike? How do you think it would compare in safety and fun for the child and parent with a trail-along bike for the child? I like the idea of having my daughter in front of me where I can see her better, but this is a lot more expensive than a bike and a trail-along, so I don't know if it is worth it.

I am also intersted in a more upright posture if possible. I have a little bit of carpel tunnel syndrome, and don't like putting tons of pressure on my hands and wrists for a long time. So if any of you have a more upright bike that you enjoy running errands with, I would love to hear about it.

Basically any tips are welcome. I am just beginning to research this process, so I am wide open to ideas and suggestions. Thank you for your help.

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