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I've been using my old mountain bike to pull the kids in a trailer. It's a workout! I'm not sure if a road bike would make me faster or not, as a good chunk of time is spent spinning up a hill; and I need that wide tire in hardpack dirt anyhow. Plus, wider tires do ride a bit better, especially with the extra load. But I use a slick on the rear, to help cut down on friction.

Anyhow, it's just an old Fuji MTB, probably a bit too small, old 3x7 gearing, actually not that deep by MTB standards--but pretty much enough to get the job done. Look for sub 1:1 gearing. Like a 22/32/42 front to a 11-30ish rear cassette. Trailer is an older Instep trailer, probably not made anymore--but given to us for free. On Craigslist they seem to be coming up frequently, at least right now. Might be reasonably low cost to go that route. Right now, I'm a bit scared of mine--it was meant for bikes with nutted axles, and I've got a quick release on my MTB. I have not found a quick release that will work properly on it, so I cross my fingers whenever I ride!

I've noticed that people have been giving me good berth while pulling the trailer, at least most of the time. I'm starting to like it. Kids seem to like it too, although the smaller one gets squashed in the corners.
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