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Alpina Sport

I found an Univega Alpina Sport on C/L... thought it was a roadie (can't find any info on this model ), but got there to find it was a mtb with 26 inch tiresand and rigid construction. I have a lung disease, and am planning on adding a motor for my 14.25 mile (28.5 r/t) commute in So. California Desert. With a up and down near home to climb, two miles about 600+ feet then back down the other side...)I have made it a few times, but feel I need some extra oomph. I was pleasantly surprised to find the bike was 26in. wheels as this will allow me to convert it, so it followed me home!! It is "purple splatter paint", appears original as the decals are mostly there, the top tube has the "Sport" partially worn away. "Spo" on one side "ort" on the other. This Alpina Sport's decals indicate a "double butted" CrMo Tange Prestige frame. another CrMo decal on the rear triangle. I will replace the knobbies with kevlar lined roadier tires, it already has tire liners, and thicker tubes to remedy the goatheads (horrible monstrous things that prey on tires.) The only real problem with the bike is the bottom bracket needs replacing so it is with the LBS to have a going over/tune up and get the bracket replaced. There was some play in it. he said the derailleur looked okay. Other than a mess of road grime it has weathered fairly well. I paid $35 for the bike and $25 for the BB I won't count the ($65) maintenance/tune up as I figure I would have that on any bike. ('till I get some better working knowledge of bike mechanics to do my own.)
Front crankset is flat black metal traction pedals on 175mm cranks with 48/38/28 Shimano Biopace sprockets. I took off the toe sling thingies, as too weird for me. Rear wheel sports "Mountain LX" or some such Shimano derailleur managing the 7 sprockets. I have no idea what the tooth counts are on them yet. The Vetta saddle needs to be recovered or replaced with a new softer (for my 46 y.o. fat arse) saddle. And finally I would like to replace the handle bars which are currently MTB style, nearly straight across, with something else. I am leaning towards the classic ten speed style (with drops?, is that what the curved under ends pointing rearward are called or are drops the arm rests that road racers use often?) as I remember those as really versatile for changing position, but, may try to find a comfort style with a rise... I DO like all the pics on here of the taped bars, but don't think white would stay nice looking for long, can't see black on em, and don't think the purple splatter paint job would lend itself well to the tan leather look. If you've read this far, thank you! Sorry to drone, and promise to post pics as soon as I get it back from the LBS tomorrow or the next. If anyone can offer any more info on this bike, it would be much appreciated.

Oh and I guess the model can be added to the "list"

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