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Originally Posted by vik View Post

I'm going to go with the Alfine hub and a disc brake [got a great deal if I buy Shimano], but I need to make sure I order the right part.

Looking on this Shimano site there are two different model numbers listed for the Alfine. I'd like the black hub and the disc brake option. Any idea what the differences between these models SG-S500 & SG-S500-L are?

I just noticed that the Alfine doesn't have a grip shift type shifter. I'm planning on using a drop bar on this bike so a trigger shifter won't work. Would the Nexus 8 grip shifter work with the Alfine?
The L in the model # indicates a black hub, no L is silver. All Alfine hubs accept a centre lock disc rotor. The spoke hole count does not show up in the model #, so be sure you are getting the desired drilling from your supplier.
The Alfine will work fine with a Nexus twist shifter.
Be aware that the fitting kit and sprocket are sold searately from the hub. Be sure to order them along with the hub.
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