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Traveling horror stories?

I don't know if you guys like to take extended trips, but if you have, you know that sometimes the places you stop at aren't always five star resorts...I remember this one time I was completely exhausted from a looooong day and all I wanted to do was crash. Instead of camping out, I found a random hotel on the side of the road and even though the toothless guy at the front desk creeped me out, I brushed it off and headed to my room. Actually, now that I think about it, "room" is probably not the right word, more like "holding cell". This room was literally the size of a cubicle, with a tiny twin bed, stained bedspread, and the whole room smelled like Bengay. I even found an old toothbrush under the bed! Hooray!

I bailed at 5AM the next morning.

I work with Hampton Inn, and you gotta check this video out about similar experiences; poor guy knows what it's all about!

"Ballad of a Traveler":

Anyone else have a traveling horror story to share? This always elicits some interesting conversation...
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