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Originally Posted by Bernie View Post
Is it me, or the aspect ratio of the youtube video or do these guys seem pretty chunky ? I'm not saying really overweight, just pretty weighty for guys who are riding 20 miles each way every day. I mean, I ride only 6 miles each way (commuting every day for three years now plus at least one ride each weekend) and have droped heaps of weight - now 180 cm (6 foot) and only 67 kg (147 pounds). These guys seem pretty weighty for regular commuters.
Originally Posted by BroadSTPhilly View Post
This is what you thought you should post? Hey, those guys aren't as thin as me therefore I will cast aspersions. I am 5'11 and 180 lbs after dropping ten due to commuting and my commute is almost twice yours. Seriously guy not cool.
The aspect ratio does seem a little off on some of the shots (probably just 4:3 squished to 16:9). But in any case, it's not a cool to call them "weighty". That wouldn't be much different than me calling you out for be 6' and ONLY 147 lbs -- dude, you must have no muscle, I bet you can't even lift your own bike. Kind of silly, don't you think?

If anything it looks more like those guys have freakin huge hill climbing legs...and at 200 miles a week, they'd probably smoke most of us on any decent length ride.
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