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Rank newbie... road, hybrid or other?

I just started a lean fitness program to lower my blood pressure and loose a few pounds. I am currently involved in a walk/run program that is going well. I want to also cross-train to cycling to reduce the stress on my knees and feet. I am 30 y/o.

I would like to ride to work at least two days a week (9.8 miles one way w/ hills). I've been to three shops looking at bikes. Two of those shops pushed the hybrid bikes, while the third recommended a straight road bike. I am not against either, but the road bikes would be a faster bike all around. But the drop bars don't always take kindly to manuvering in traffic do to the rider's stance.

So I was looking for suggestions from those who have experience. Whatever I choose will be stricly for road use. If I do trails, I'll save and buy a straight mtn bike down the road.

Many thanks in advance.

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