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Originally Posted by JeffS View Post
Don't assume that a drop-bar road bike is faster than a hybrid. For many people, and especially new riders, that's simply not the case. The only reason it could be would be a) weight and b) reduced wind resistance IF you use it to reduce your frontal area. Weight difference is minimal and wind resistance doesn't mean as much if you're not riding too fast.
There's also rolling resistence of the tires. Obviously, you can change the tires on either bike within certain limits, but a typical hybrid is going to come with fattish tires that take around 60 psi, and those will be 1-2 mph slower than a skinny tire at 100 psi, which is typical stock on road bikes (though not cyclocross). More comfortable to ride, but slower.

Then there's gearing, but, of course, for a new rider higher gears are likely to mean sore legs more than fast bike.
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