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Ten miles each way is going to hurt like heck for awhile. It will take you a solid hour each direction, and that doesn't include ten-minute breaks. You can stop for a minute to catch your breath, but that's it.

One hour each way.

By K-Ville, I'm assuming you live in Knoxville. What a coinkidink. I'll be there all weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. You're welcome to try my hybrid, the Trek Soho 1.0.

I just got it.

A word about hybrids. Hybrids, as someone else explained, are part road bike/part mountain bike.

Here's a full-on mountain bike:

This thing cost about 2500 bucks.

Here's a full-on road bike:

So a hybrid is somewhere in between.

If you ride the above mountain bike to work, you'll be incredibly comfortable and won't feel hardly any bumps at all. Of course, it will take you for darn ever to get there, as the mountain bike will be slow with a capital S.

Now, the road bike will get you there a lot more quickly, but you'll be less comfortable and in the case of sudden obstacles (like cars, potholes, cute college girls), you'll have a hard time averting disaster quickly. Road bikes are better for going in a straight line and through long, planned-out turns.

So, you want something in between.

Ten miles is a long commute (in my bumble opinion), unless you're in outstanding physical condition. If it were flat that'd be a different story, but Knoxville is anything but flat. Holy smokes, that town has a lot of hills. Heck, it has CLIFFS! (and great parties on the yachts).

Okay, so in my opinion, you should get the Soho. Yep, that's the ticket. Upright handlebars, disc brakes, cool looks, internal cables, looks from the girls. All that.

Or a Trek fitness bike (or something similar).

In your case, I'd say more roadbike than mountain bike. Don't go for anything resembling the Trek 7000 series. You just can't get the leverage you need.

I'd say get something that is mostly road with upright handlebars (for quick maneuvers around drunken frat boys who wander into the road).
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