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At the end of a biking day I stopped at a motel near Palma Soriano in Cuba. At the reception desk they told me that the motel is exclusively for Cubans unless el Cheffe decided in my favor. Before taking the decision he called several persons and finally allowed me to stay for the night.
The room looks Ok and the price was dirt cheap: 75 cents in pesos, local money.
Only then I discovered that the water was not running: I have to go to a nearby cistern and carry the water myself. The toilet mechanism is out of order. The working fan has two wires connected to the plug, no prong.
The only lamp was the ceiling bulb. The bed mattress was in a terrible condition.
At nightime I found a man standing in front of my room I asked him why? he told me that he is the night guard: He disappeared as soon as he was tipped.
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