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Nexus Shifter is intended for use with Alfine as well. No concerns about. Alfine Disk is working well for me, I have got 3 of them. Hub spacing: JFTR: I installed a Nexus Inter-8 red line with BR-IM70 roller brake into 120mm spaced horizontal dropouts
--> Check my homepage for details (German language, but lots of pictures!)
It is not quite easy. Hub and brake needs to be modified. But it is possible, somehow. This will only work with Nexus 8 speed hub, but not with Alfine (no rollerbrake for Alfine, no removable hexnuts to reduce axle spacing)

Braking performance of roller brake is quite low. I would not bet on being better than V-brakes under whatever conditions. Also, it needs some grease every now and then.

But thumbs up for Alfine, as I said. I am using it on 2 MTBs and my Big Dummy, no problems so far.
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