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The first time I did a tour by bike, it was an overnighter. I had a rack on the bike and I had a sleeping bag but I didn't have any other gear. I borrowed a frame bag from a friend and stuffed clothing into it. I picked up a small and cheap tent at my parents' place. The tent had seen better days, but it was shelter.

When I arrived at the campsite that evening, I proceeded to set up the tent. The poles were there but I had no tent pegs. Fortunately the ground was soft and there were a bunch of twigs which I used as pegs.

On another trip a few years later, I rolled into a town in the Ozarks as it was getting dark. The town was a tourism centre and, although it was mid September, every campsite and hotel room was full. The next place was a good distance down the road. I was tired and I didn't have a good light. While I was trying to figure out my options, a man walking down the street asked if I had a place to stay. He then invited me to camp at his place.

I haven't had any awful hotel or motel rooms while cycling. The worst have been a few where the beds have been uncomfortable, but nothing more serious than that.
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